About Fujiwara Sangyo

Company overview

Founded January 10, 1897
Established April 17, 1944
Capital ¥84,480,000
President and Representative Director Keizo Fujiwara
Headquarters 3-11-31 Suehiro, Miki city, Hyogo prefecture, 673-0403
Tel. 0794-83-3131 (switchboard)
Headquarters access map is here.
Regular employees 285
Business areas Sales of hand tools, power tools, and gardening tools (development, sales, distribution, importing, and exporting of products)
Products Carpenter’s tools/Work tools/Air tools/Tip tools/ Work support/Gardening tools/Gardening equipment/Gardening supplies
Major clients Hardware stores and specialty stores


1897 Chotaro Fujiwara founded Fujiwara Chotaro Shouten. Began producing razor blades
1921 Kiichi Fujiwara joined Fujiwara Chotaro Shouten. Began hardware wholesaling.
1944 Reorganized as Fujiwara Sangyo Co., Ltd.
1945 Began producing saws, planes, and bicycle handlebars immediately after the end of WWII.
1951 Kiichi Fujiwara appointed as the second president. Capital increased to 2 million yen. Production division established and sales activities reorganized as wholesale division.
1958 Moved to Fukui, Miki city, due to expansion, and new store built
1959 Established import/export department.
1965 Increased capital to 4.5 million yen.
1967 Terumi Fujiwara participated in a chamber of commerce delegation that visited the U.S. to research the industry. He established the DIY division upon his return.
1968 Corporate headquarters moved to 3 Suehiro, Miki city (current location). Capital increased to 10 million yen.
1970 Terumi Fujiwara appointed as the third president.
1974 Established Tokyo Sales Office (Hamamatsucho, Minato, Tokyo).
1982 Established Kyushu Sales Office. Expanded warehouse at headquarters.
1985 Moved to Tokyo and established new Tokyo Sales Office (Kawaguchi city, Saitama prefecture)
1986 Established Sapporo Sales Office. Established and moved Kyushu sales office.
1987 Isao Fujiwara appointed as the fourth president. Tokyo Sales Office upgraded to Tokyo Branch. Established Sendai Sales Office.
1990 Established Kanto Delivery Center (F.K.D.C).
1992 Established Chuo Distribution Center.
1994 Established Chubu Sales Office. Established and moved Sendai Sales Office. Built employee residence for Tokyo Branch employees.
1996 Established Hiroshima Sales Office.
1999 Established Takumidai Product Center.
2000 Established Information Service Center. Established and moved Kyushu Sales Office (Tosu city, Saga prefecture).
2004 Established and moved Chubu Sales Office (Toyota city, Aichi prefecture).
2005 Keizo Fujiwara appointed as the fifth president.
2007 Established Takumidai Second Product Center (Takumidai, Ono city). Changed name of Takumidai Product Center to Takumidai First Product Center.
2008 Upgraded Kinki Sales Office to Kinki Branch. Established Training Center within the Information Service Center.
2014 Established East Japan Product Center.
  • Head Office3-11-31 Suehiro, Miki city, Hyogo prefecture, 673-0403
  • Information Service Center2115-1 Fukui, Miki city, Hyogo prefecture, 673-0433
  • Kinki Branch2115-1 Fukui, Miki city, Hyogo prefecture, 673-0433
  • Tokyo Branch3-19-9 Maekawa, Kawaguchi city, Saitama prefecture, 333-0842
  • Sapporo Branch5-2-1 Nijou, Higashisapporo, Shiraishi, Sapporo city, Hokkaido, 003-0002
  • Sendai Branch44-1 Higashidouri, Izaiaza, Wakabayashi, Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture, 984-0038
  • Chubu Branch17-7-16, Obayashi, Toyota city, Aichi prefecture, 473-0902
  • Hiroshima Office1-25-11 Yamamoto, Asaminami, Hiroshima city, Hiroshima prefecture, 731-0137
  • Kyushu Office1-220 Kuranoue, Tosu city, Saga prefecture, 841-0056
  • Takumidai 1st Product Center11-2 Takumidai, Ono city, Hyogo prefecture, 675-1322
  • Takumidai 2nd Product Center26 Takumidai, Ono city, Hyogo prefecture, 675-1322
  • Takumidai 3rd Product Center12 Takumidai, Ono city, Hyogo prefecture, 675-1322